Footnotes by PariPari

Show some love to your footwear wardrobe

As we proudly set step into launching PariPari, we would love to talk versatility and taking care of your precious Espadrilles, leather sliders and sandals.

At PariPari we craft our footwear for women as an ode to relaxed comfort. Each of our designs is carefully handwoven and artisanal in nature.

Leather is a natural skin and hence will have some gradation in colour which only enhances its beauty and longevity. Use the shoe bag to keep your pair dust free.

Remember good quality Espadrilles are handstitched as ours certainly are. They will amp your summer look for a sunny brunch, or coffee date but not meant for a run. So take note.

Try and avoid keeping your footwear in plastic bags or closed boxes, these don’t let the leather breathe. After a vigorous day out on your feet, show some love to your Espadrilles and slightly dust them with a damp cloth and put them back in the bag.

PariPari, our sole staples ace versatility

Our styles work through your wardrobe easily, no matter your age or dressing up mantra.

Stretch that wardrobe with PariPari sole staples. A Tan or Beige pair of sliders is a building block in your wardrobe, which goes with just about anything. Here we pick three styles.

For sunny brunches a white linen dress, a link chain if you want to go glam and slide into Rapunzel PariPari Tan sandals and you are Insta ready. To channel your Indian look wear these with kurta’s, hand block or kalamkari prints. For lounge vacay days pair these with maxi dresses or indigo outfits and this will become your fav sole staple.

Go full on fun feminine and flirty in our Nina Espadrilles. A neutral sand colour 100 % linen luxe pair which is a summer must have. Wear these with long dresses, white beige, paster or Friday dressing for bringing out the playful you.

If you like slip on styles, Tinsel Kohl chappals can work for workwear too. A tan trouser, white shirt, minimal neck accessory and your Tinsel Kohl sliders get you into professional mode in under five minutes.

Show us some summer love. Tag us in any of these versatile looks with your pick of PariPari.