About Us


Delve into our PariPari journey, and how we nurture and craft each sole to perfection through viewing this short video

PariPari Sole Staples for Slow Fashion Lovers

‘Women in India deserve high quality footwear as available abroad, which calls out to comfort and cool…style and substance. PariPari is a result of our decade long hard work, experience in creating premium footwear for high end global fashion stores.

Through PariPari we are turning a page for slow fashion lovers, to get you International quality, organic material, artisanal techniques in footwear here in India, all while positively changing livelihood of our artisans’ - Guneesha Kohli, founder PariPari.

Early years

Guneesha spent early years visiting craft clusters, hand block printers, leather tanners and handloom artisans with her parents, across India. Creativity came naturally against this backstory.

Paripari life

Strong roots in shoe making business for a decade

Guneesha has strong roots in shoe making business, with ten years tucked under her belt while working at her atelier, crafting high end footwear. Her mission is clearly to empower local artisans, work with contemporary design with organic quality materials for sole staples which last longer. A shout out to great quality, vocal for local at PariPari.

Growing pains

Seeing this imminent gap in India on high quality artisanal women footwear, Guneesha set up her brand in the midst of a pandemic and her one-month-old baby in her arms. Apt then that PariPari is a also a nod to her cute seven month old daughter - Parinaz. Immense research, spin on age old craft, fresh design and attention to detail went into the launch of this first collection.

Crafting a Sole connection

‘PariPari is our nod to slow fashion footwear.

We research artisanal techniques to enhance design. Be it intricate hand work, inspired by the Mexican art of Otomi embroidery in our Diego Espadrilles, or re-interpreting an authentic Ikat design in Warp Espadrilles. We take craft seriously and blend it caringly with hand stitching, handweaving, leather weaving techniques in each pair.

Our mission is to craft a sole connection with you, through the language of craft while proudly supporting livelihoods of local artisans” – Guneesha Kohli